Lineup 2017

**Hug Slut will not be performing this year. We are sad too! Best wishes to Emma from all of us!

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Roxxxy Andrews

Meet this year’s headliner, Roxxxy Andrews! Roxxxy is known for her appearance on Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Roxxxy got her start in drag at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando. She is known for being the first queen to make it to the Top 4, being in the bottom two five times without lip syncing for her life

Muse Pole Fitness

Muse Pole Fitness is a non-discriminatory pole studio that exists to inspire individual growth and empowerment through quality instruction and a supportive community. They push boundaries and encourage everyone to let go of his or her inhibitions to find their inner muse. In 2017 Muse Pole Fitness was voted the #1 Pole Studio in the USA and #6 worldwide by the United Pole Artists.

Tiger Rider

Tiger Rider plays a peculiar kind of punk rock: it’s funk-damaged in the percolating bass, ear-damaged in the slashing guitars, and utterly defiant (and anti-social to be sure) in the twisted, yelping, talk-sung vocals of Kristina Williams. Sometimes the four-piece band sounds like it would sacrifice its collective soul on the altar of Black Sabbath; sometimes it sounds like it just wants to tie you up, give you a safety pin tattoo and make you watch The Decline of Western Civilization for the twentieth time. And why the fuck not? Tiger Rider will show you what a punk-rock good time really is.”

– The Riverfront Times

Saint Gnome

Four guys walk on stage. Some guys sing. Some guys strum. A couple of dudes bring the thunder. Not sure about it? Come see for yourself.

The Laughing Hearts

The Laughing Hearts are a newly formed rock band from Chicago. Their sound is inspired by many different genres from funk to punk. Each song takes the listener through the band’s personal experiences with love, loss and strategy based-board games. With a touch of hope and doubt, the Laughing Hearts will build you up and shake you down. The members are no strangers to the Columbia Scene having played in various projects around town for the past five years. Prepare your brain before it pops.

The Many Colored Death

The Many Colored Death is a hard rock trio based out of Columbia, Missouri. The band has internalized the aesthetic and influence of acts such as Soundgarden, King’s X, Rush and Foo Fighters, then spun those elements out into a fresh new style. Described by one fan as “a silky mixture of 70’s rock and early 90’s grunge.”  Featuring a thundering rhythm section that would make John Bonham and John Paul Jones proud, and a guitarist/vocalist who is equal parts David Gilmour, King Buzzo, and Chris Cornell, their brand of rock is both quiet and loud, dark and light. Soulful lyrics and melodies float effortlessly over the pounding surf of complex polyrhythms and groove laden riffs. We don’t play loud so you can hear the music. We play loud so you can feel it.

The Quorus

Founded on November 12, 2016, The Quorus is a newly formed, unauditioned community choral ensemble comprised of diverse and compassionate citizens of Columbia. Through the power of choral music and community service, The Quorus strives to be a positive, caring, and dynamic organization comprised of diverse advocates providing safe-space, growth, and social justice for the LGBTQQA-Z community.