Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a sponsor or vendor slot, you agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

Cancellation & Payment Policy

Authorized signature signifies commitment to pay for all opportunities as stipulated herein. All requests are final. Full payment must be received in order to receive benefits and recognition. The Center Project reserves the right to resell and/or reassign sponsorship(s) at its sole discretion for commitments that are not paid in full by July 31st. No refunds will be permitted after August 1st.

Benefit Delivery

The Center Project’s ability to deliver on certain elements of recognition and benefits including the Pride program and signage are based on the date of commitment of your sponsorship opportunity. Please verify commitment deadlines when submitting your paperwork. It is best to add dates to your calendar as you will not necessarily be notified of production deadlines before they occur.


The Center Project nor Rose Music Hall do not provide additional security for our vendor area. Each sponsor/vendor is responsible for storage of their materials during event. A detailed vendor acknowledgement will be sent upon completion of this form. Water/ Power and other requirements require prior notice and approval.

ADA Regulations

In compliance with ADA regulations, The Center Project and Rose Music Hall will take all reasonable steps to ensure that Americans with disabilities are given equal and reasonable opportunity to participate in PrideFest. To better serve your needs, please contact [email protected] for special requests.

Privacy Protection Notice

The Center Project takes reasonable efforts to protect all private, confidential, and personal information provided in the conduct of business, including but not limited to: names, addresses, financial and credit card information, account numbers, or any other information provided while conducting a business transaction with The Center Project, or it’s affiliates. The Center Project utilizes third party vendors for the processing of credit card information. The Center Project suggests that all financial information be submitted in a secure manner. The Center Project will provide, upon request, an electronic invoice, allowing remittance in a secure manner directly with the payment processor. The Center Project suggests that no credit card information be submitted via email, additionally The Center Project is not responsible for breaches in security resulting in submissions via email, or postal mail. Your commitment indicates you agree to the terms and conditions as stated herein.