Royalty List

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Stage PronounsStage NameYearCategoryEdit Profile
Ginger Nichole2007QueenEdit Profile
Krystal Chandelier2008QueenEdit Profile
Ryan Gogetta2008KingEdit Profile
Amanda Lay2009QueenEdit Profile
Logan Dale2009KingEdit Profile
Will Lickit2010KingEdit Profile
Havanna Fitt2010QueenEdit Profile
LSD (Lil Sexxi Daddi)2011KingEdit Profile
Mahajanay DeMornay2011QueenEdit Profile
Jennicka Fierz2012QueenEdit Profile
Lil Shorty2012KingEdit Profile
Kaighlynn LaFaye2013QueenEdit Profile
Phoenixxx LaFaye2013KingEdit Profile
Ben-Eaten LaFaye2014KingEdit Profile
Monique LaRoux2014QueenEdit Profile
Dr. Q2015KingEdit Profile
Allesandra Blaze2015QueenEdit Profile
Veronika Versace2016QueenEdit Profile
Tylicious2016KingEdit Profile
D’Manda Respect2017QueenEdit Profile
Arkham Skye2017KingEdit Profile
Ivan Liquer2018KingEdit Profile
Venus O’Hara2018QueenEdit Profile
Liz Anya2019QueenEdit Profile
Jennicka Fierz2019RegentEdit Profile
Adrien Hart2019KingEdit Profile
Adrien Hart2020KingEdit Profile
Liz Anya2020QueenEdit Profile
Jennicka Fierz2020RegentEdit Profile
Lorilie2021QueenEdit Profile
Nadia McMichaels2021YouthEdit Profile
Bennifer Lopez2021RegentEdit Profile
Matthew Malone2022KingEdit Profile
Bea Jay Enidae2022RegentEdit Profile
Musica Malone2022QueenEdit Profile
Floretta Be Xtra2022YouthEdit Profile
Marceline Mäyhem 2023RegentEdit Profile
KayCee Adams2023QueenEdit Profile
She/HerKrystal Queer2023YouthEdit Profile
He/HimMiles High2023KingEdit Profile
Stella Mann2024QueenEdit Profile
Faye King2024RegentEdit Profile
Trent Adams2024KingEdit Profile
Alexxa Pro2024YouthEdit Profile