Sponsor/Vendor FAQ

Can I give stuff away?

Yes You May Give Out Pretty Much Anything Except Samples Of: Alcohol, Nicotine, Or Marijuana For Any Reason At This Event.

How do I bring my food truck?

Food Vendors (Food Trucks, Etc) Must Fill Out A Completely Different Form And Obtain Authorization For For This Event

Can I sell food?

 If Your Business Sells Pre-Packaged  Food Items, You Must Be Pre-Authorized By The President As A Food Vendor And Obtain All Required Permits For This Event. 

Do I have to stay in my booth?

You Must Have At Minimum One Person In The Booth At All Times That We Are Open

Can I advertise other places at the event?

You Must Stay Within The Designated Booth Space Provided When Representing Your Organization. This Means: No Walking Around The Event Passing Out Information Or Asking People To Come To Your Tent (This Is To Ensure All People Are Comfortable At The Event)

Do I have to display my logo?

 You Must Have At Minimum An 8.5×11 Sign  With The Name Of Your Business Posted At The Entrance Of Your Tent

Can I share a booth?

You May Co-Sponsor This Event (More Than One Business In The Same Tent Space And Split The Cost.

Will there be security?

There Will Be Security At This Event. 

  • You Must Go Through Security If You Leave The Event Any Time.
  • All Bags Are Subject To Inspection Upon Re-Entry To The Event
What if I can’t come to the event and need to cancel?

 Cancellation Policy Is That All Sponsorship Donations Are Non-Refundable

Can I take cash or credit?

 Rose Music Hall Is A Cash-Free Venue. Vendors May Take Cash If They Wish.

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